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Southern Hospitality  In Every Bite

Friday Menu

Order Online from 5:00pm to 9:00pm only on Doordash.

Fish Fry

Fried catfish with spaghetti, coleslaw and cornbread was a tradition in our home.

Catfish Filets image

Catfish Filets

Fact: Black Southerners adopted spaghetti in the late 1800s, as Italian immigrants settled in Mississippi and Louisiana and came to consider it like coleslaw or potato salad, a pleasing side dish to fried fish.

2 Pieces of our Southern Fried Catfish


4 Pieces of our Southern Fried Catfish


Fish Fry
Catfish Nuggets image

Catfish Nuggets

Delicious Southern Fried catfish nuggets served with our home made spaghetti, Cole slaw and corn bread.

10 PC Nuggets


20 Pieces of catfish nuggets


Fish Fry
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