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We're Local, We're Family Owned and In The Community

Poultry Variety

Welcome To Southerners Foods

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Simplify your cooking with our brined, seasoned, and marinated meats! Spend less time in the kitchen prepping and cleaning and more time with family and friends. Try them out today!

What We Deliver

"We are a family-owned business that offers a selection of high-quality lightly seasoned meats. If you're looking to optimize your time spent with loved ones and minimize time spent prepping and cleaning, we invite you to explore our selection."

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Every Saturday between 5pm and 9pm we prepare delicious homestyle southern fried chicken and sides available for pick-up and delivery on DoorDash and Grubhub.

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Call Us. 224-413-4562


We're Moving To Lake Zurich, IL 

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